• Perfect for sunsets, late-night chats, or anytime you want full, robust flavor without the caffeine. This makes great “unleaded” espresso drinks, also.
  • Half-Caf Blend

    We love being able to drink more coffee and not get the “caffeine jitters.” This half-caf is a fairly dark roast for full flavor.
  • Support the kids of Continental Divide Freeride with this rich, crowd-pleasing blend.  All proceeds from the sale of this coffee go to the Continental Divide Freeride 501(c)3.
  • FAUSA is the social and philanthropic network for former FAWCO club members and others repatriating to the United States and Canada.  This globally-gathered specialty coffee is responsibly sourced to promote ethical growing practices.  Proceeds of the sale of this coffee benefit FAUSA, a 501(c)3 charity.
  • Sumatra

    Sumatra is a medium bodied coffee with an earthy tone. We roast this coffee to two different temperatures for a more complex and robust cup.
  • Chiapas

    A single-origin bean from the Chiapas region of Mexico. We roast this central-american bean medium-dark to highlight the semi-sweet chocolate and caramel notes with a smooth finish.
  • Batucada

    A natural bean from Brazil, unique in its 17/18 screen (large bean size) and unblemished beauty.  This natural Batucada is sweet and nutty with dark chocolate and caramel corn notes.  No surprise it made a + 84 score when cupped and is absolutely delicious.
  • River Blend

    Ben created this full bodied, balanced, medium coffee by roasting three beans to different temperatures to bring out the best flavor in each, and then blending them together in just the right ratio to be smooth and delicious.
  • Mountain Blend

    Slightly darker and even more complex than the River Blend, this coffee is a balance of flavors using four beans to make a rich cup of coffee.
  • Winter Blend

    Winter Blend is a rich, smooth crowd-pleaser.  Perfect for warming up on chilly mornings or enjoying by the fire.
  • Canyon Blend

    Our signature dark roast. We roast the different beans separately and take each batch to temperature very slowly and carefully to avoid burning them. Never bitter, never burnt; you will taste why we believe small batches hand roasted makes the best coffee.
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